RS3830 Rootax Nozzle



The Rootax nozzle is a "controlled rotation" root cutting nozzle that is up to 70% more powerful than conventional root cutting nozzles. Controlled rotation allows the water jets to stay solid and have more impact on tree roots or obstructing objects. With a front jet offset at 15°, the Rootax cutter is its own penetrator, quickly cutting its way into solid root masses, allowing the large rear jets to cut and flush the tree roots from the pipe wall. Can be jetted to suit flows from 21Lpm – 35Lpm.

  • No need to rotate hose to cover 360°
  • Replaceable stainless steel jet inserts.
  • Most powerful root cutter available
  • No need to send a penetrator down first
  • 12 months warranty on faulty parts
  • Low maintenance design
  • Specially shaped to avoid being caught or jammed
  • Made in Australia from hardened stainless steel.
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Rootax nozzle RS3830 3/8" 20-22lpm
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Rootax nozzle RS3830 3/8" 23-25lpm
SKU: 105-1057
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Rootax nozzle RS3830 3/8" 26-28lpm
SKU: 105-1058
plus GST
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