Grease Blaster



Grease Blaster is designed to be used in conjunction with your water jetter. It liquefies grease and fat, leaving grease lines clean & free flowing. For best results, use a Rootax or Reverse Turbine Nozzle.

  • Repels and minimizes future build up
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic, biodegradable
  • Compatible with any water jetting machine by simply adding to the break tank
  • Average use per job only 300mL
Product Name Price Qty
Grease Blaster carton 12 x 1L
plus GST
Grease Blaster bottle 1L
plus GST
Grease Blaster drum 20L
plus GST
11 star
22 stardiv>
33 star
44 star
55 star