Jett Direct Chisel Point Nozzle Ceramic


The JD Chisel Point is a penetrating tool to dislodge heavy blockages of any kind; mineral deposits, ice, mud, sand, grease, opening of roots, etc. The forward jets cut into the soft materials while the sharp chisel edges will ram kinetic energy into the blockages. These nozzles are fitted with long life ceramic jets. Made in Germany from stainless steel.
Product Name Front JetsSizeRear JetsMin Flow Price Qty
Chisel Point Nozzle (ceramic) 1/2"- 4R4F 4 x M41/2"4 x M460Lpm
plus GST
Chisel Point Nozzle (ceramic) 3/4"- 4R4F 4 x M63/4"3 x M660Lpm
plus GST
Chisel Point Nozzle (ceramic) 1"- 6R4F 4 x M61"6 x M6100Lpm
plus GST
Chisel Point Nozzle (ceramic) 1" large - 6R4F 5 x M101"6 x M10200Lpm
plus GST
11 star
22 stardiv>
33 star
44 star
55 star