Jett Direct Dump Nozzle Ceramic Jets


The Dump nozzle is a special cleaning nozzle for drainage pipes with a very high thrust force and flushing performance. Connected to a light weight hose and tuned with the appropriate water flow and pressure, this special nozzle can cover up to 400 metres. Made in Germany of hardened steel.
Product Name SizeRear JetsMin Flow Price Qty
Dump Nozzle (ceramic) 1" - 8R 1"8 x M10120Lmp
plus GST
Dump Nozzle (ceramic) 1" large - 10R 1"10 x M10120Lmp
plus GST
Dump Nozzle (ceramic) 1" Extra large - 10R 1"10 x M10280Lpm
plus GST
11 star
22 stardiv>
33 star
44 star
55 star