Jett Direct grenade bomb nozzle ceramic jets


The JD Grenade-Bomb nozzle has huge cleaning/flushing power due to the amount of water exiting through rear jets. It cleans the circumference of the pipe (from grease, bio film) while staying in the centre of the pipe. Pulling the nozzle back out flushes out even heavy debris, cleaning the pipe completely. With 3FLOW, flow enhancement and ceramic jet inserts, these nozzles are extremely efficient and offer the most power for your machine. Fitted with long life ceramic jets and suitable for recyclers. Made in Germany.
Product Name Front JetsSizeRear JetsMin Flow Price Qty
Grenade Bomb Nozzle (ceramic) 1/2" - 6R 1 x M6(opt)1/2"6 x M650Lmp
plus GST
Grenade Bomb Nozzle (ceramic) 3/4" - 8R 1 x M6(opt)3/4"8 x M660Lpm
plus GST
Grenade Bomb Nozzle (ceramic) 1" - 10R 1 x M10(opt)1"10 x M10150Lmp
plus GST
Grenade Bomb Nozzle (ceramic) 1" large - 10R 1 x M10(opt)1"10 x M10200Lpm
plus GST
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22 stardiv>
33 star
44 star
55 star