Jett Direct standard nozzle ceramic jets


The JD Standard nozzles have 4 x rear jet at 25° and 4 x rear at 30°. They are used for general drain cleaning and flushing. They can be configured with a plug in the front or a forward facing jet. These nozzles are fitted with long life ceramic jets and are suitable for recyclers. Made in Germany.
Product Name Front JetsSizeRear JetsMin Flow Price Qty
Standard Nozzle (ceramic) 1/2" - 6R1F 1 x M61/2"6 x M640Lpm
plus GST
Standard Nozzle (ceramic) 3/4" - 6R1F 1 x M63/4"6 x M650Lmp
plus GST
Standard Nozzle (ceramic) 1" 8R1F 1 x M61"8 x M6120Lmp
plus GST
11 star
22 stardiv>
33 star
44 star
55 star