Tomahawk Nozzle



The Tomahawk nozzle is part of the 3FLOW nozzle family and has 3 x powerful rear thrust jets, a further 3 x thrust/traction jets and 1 x front jet. The Tomahawk nozzle has the most thrust out of all the 3FLOW nozzles due to the two rows of thrusting jets and is the ideal all rounder nozzle.

 What is 3FLOW?

The 3FLOW nozzle family was designed using computer generated flow optimization, which greatly improves the nozzle’s performance & efficiency. A 3FLOW nozzle can be up to 30% more efficient than an equivalent standard nozzle. They generate more thrust with greater flushing power and less internal pressure loss. So, if you want to get the maximum out of your water jetting system and stand out from the pack, you really should consider the 3FLOW nozzles. The 3FLOW nozzles are designed in-house at Sewerquip Pty Ltd and manufactured in Australia from high grade stainless steel.

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Tomahawk Nozzle
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