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Hornet 37EFI 35LPM / 5070PSI

The most compact and powerful water jetter unit tailored to fit on a ute, truck or van, perfect for domestic and light commercial drain cleaning jobs, with a flow of 35lpm – 5070psi for 50-350mm pipes.

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Introducing the HORNET 37EFI Water Jetting Unit, the answer to the demand for a powerful yet compact system in the plumbing industry. Designed for domestic and light commercial maintenance plumbers, the HORNET 37EFI delivers an impressive flow of 35lpm at 5070psi, providing ample power for tackling stubborn blockages.

Crafted in response to customer feedback, this innovative water jetting system is equipped with an industrial remote control with a reliable 300m range, ensuring ease of operation and maximum efficiency on the job.

The HORNET 37EFI water jetter unit comes complete with all the necessary accessories, ready for immediate use in drain cleaning tasks. Featuring twin reels mounted directly to the unit, installation onto your vehicle is straightforward and cost-effective. With its compact design, the HORNET 37EFI water jetter can be easily bolted down to your ute, truck, or van, offering unparalleled convenience and versatility. You can also entrust Enviroline for a custom fitout with remote reels at the back of your ute for ease of operations.

Whether you’re facing blocked drains in residential or light commercial settings, you can trust that the HORNET 37EFI has the power to tackle any job with ease.

Experience professional-grade drain cleaning with confidence, knowing that you have the reliable power of the HORNET 37EFI at your disposal. Simplify your plumbing operations and elevate your efficiency with this compact yet powerful water jetting unit from Enviroline.

**Not suitable for fitting to box trailer**

NOTE: This jetter is classified as Class B and to comply with Australian Standards AS4233.1, all operators should complete mandatory training.

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Additional information

Hornet 37EFI Water Jetter
Hose Reel
Powder coated steel, high pressure hose reel
35 LPM - 5070 PSI
Weight160 kg
Dimensions1475 (L)* x 592 (W) x 1037 (H) *1052mm Length, with Reels Removed*
Drain size50-350mm
Engine37HP, Vanguard V-Twin Engine
FrameAluminium Folded & Powder coated
Fuel Tank22L poly, UV stabilized
Fuel TypeUnleaded
Flow35 LPM
Pipe Size Suitability150, 225, 300, 450
Pressure PSI5070 PSI
PumpUdor triplex ceramic piston pump
Warranty1-year gearbox, 3-year engine, 5-year pump warranty *1-year additional engine warranty if registered
Water tank145 L poly, UV stabilized with low water shut off switch
Drain Cleaning ApplicationsDomestic, Light commercial
  • Unmatched Jetting performance, with endless power.
  • Huge 35 L/min @ 5070 PSI, makes quick work of even the toughest blockages.
  • Powerful 37hp Fuel injected Vanguard engine starts very easily.
  • Market leading fuel efficiency due to the EFI engine.
  • The service access panels make for easy to service & maintenance. The whole engine & pump package unit can be removed from the frame in under 20min.
  • The frame is designed to offer protection from the weather.
  • Compact design makes the Hornet 37, the perfect unit for mounting to your ute or van.
  • Industrial Hi-Output remote control with 300m range.
  • Large water & fuel tanks to allow more time on the job.
  • Designed & manufactured in Australia for the Australian plumber.
  • Australia wide service back up.
  • 300m Range Remote Control
  • Remote Mini Reel
  • Rootax Nozzle Kit 7pc (4 nozzzles)
  • 3/8″ Mini Bomb Nozzle
  • 3/8″ Chisel Point Nozzle
  • Whip Hose Trigger
  • 1/8′ Whip Hose Complete – 15M
  • Jetting Safety Sign
  • Bolt down installation
  • Custom fit-outs


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