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Raider V2-4 Water Jetter

Powerful domestic and light commercial water jetting unit tailored to fit on a ute, truck, trailer or van, with a flow of 31lpm – 4300psi for 50-300mm pipes.

$15,912.00 Plus GST

$15,912.00 Plus GST

Made in Australia

1 Person Operation

Aus Wide Service


Introducing the RAIDER V2-4 water jetter unit, the ultimate solution for professional drain cleaning working domestic or light commercial jobs without sacrificing space or convenience, build in Australia, delivering a flow of 31lpm-4300psi for 50-300mm pipes.

Engineered with precision, this specially designed ute-mount water jetter seamlessly integrates with your vehicle, eliminating the need for costly fit-outs. With twin reels directly mounted to the unit, installation is a breeze, allowing you to bolt it down effortlessly onto your ute, truck, trailer, or van.

Equipped with all necessary accessories, including a 25m water feed hose and a 60m high-quality jetting hose, the RAIDER is ready to tackle blocked drains with ease. Its massive 24-31Lpm flow effortlessly clears 4” & 6” drains, making it ideal for professional use. Plus, with the Rootax™ Nozzle for cutting tree roots, no clog stands a chance.

Crafted in our Sydney warehouse, each water jetter boasts a super compact hot dip galvanized frame for unparalleled protection.

The inclusion of a 55L 304 stainless steel break tank with a low water kill switch ensures reliable operation, while the 25L 304 stainless steel fuel tank resists corrosion, ensuring longevity even in harsh conditions.

Powered by a Honda iGX800 engine, the RAIDER V2-4 water jetter guarantees a long trouble-free life, backed by Italian-made Udor ceramic triplex pumps with brass heads. With all pumps covered by a 5-year warranty and spare parts readily available Australia-wide, you can rely on the jetter for years to come.

For added convenience, an optional wheel kit is available for enhanced portability, giving you the flexibility to tackle drain cleaning jobs anywhere, anytime. Plus, with nationwide shipping and overnight delivery to most major cities on the east coast, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, you can get your hands on the RAIDER V2-4 in no time.

**Not suitable for fitting to box trailer**

NOTE: This jetter is classified as Class B and to comply with Australian Standards AS4233.1, all operators should complete mandatory training.

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Additional information

Raider V2-4
Hose Reel
Powder coated steel, high pressure hose reel
31 LPM - 4300 PSI
Wheels Tires
Optional Extra
Weight136 kg
Dimensions1300 (L) x 565 (W) x 865 (H) *Including reels
Drain size50-300mm
EngineHonda iGX800 31hp EFI
FrameGalvanised steel
Fuel Tank25L Stainless Steel
Fuel TypeUnleaded
Flow31 LPM
Max Pressure4300psi
Pipe Size Suitability50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 225, 300
Pressure PSI4300 PSI
PumpUdor triplex ceramic piston pump
Warranty1 year gearbox, 3-years engine, 5 year pump warranty
Water tank55L Stainless steel with low water shutoff switch
Drain Cleaning ApplicationsDomestic, Light commercial


  • Vanguard v-twin 4 stroke engine
    Honda IGX800 31hp EFI
  • Udor ceramic pistons pump & heavy duty Udor gearbox
    Udor ceramic pistons pump & heavy duty Udor gearbox. 5 year warranty.
  • USA made Hose reel
    USA made Hose reel with flip over hose guide reel lock / tension and leak proof H/P swivel.
  • steel fuel tank
    23L 304 stainless steel fuel tank. Means you don’t have to fuel every job.
  • Huge 31Lpm flow easily clears 50-300mm drains, with ample flow to run a Rootax™ Nozzle for cutting tree roots.
  • Super compact Hot dip galvanised frame offers excellent protection for your jetter.
  • High pressure and low pressure garden feeder reel fitted to unit.
  • 55L 304 Stainless steel break tank with low water kill switch 25L 304 Stainless steel fuel tank will not corrode or crack up in the sun like plastic fuel tanks.
  • Optional wheel kit for portability.
  • Honda IGX800 31hp EFI engine.
  • Genuine Italian made Udor ceramic triplex pump with brass head outlasts and out performs other pumps on the market. All pumps are covered by a 5 year warranty. Spare parts & service, Australia wide.


  • Armorflex jetting hose
    60m x ⅜” Supa Tough XR5000 Armorflex jetting hose
  • Remote Mini Reel
    Remote Mini Reel
  • nozzle box
    7 Piece ROOTAX nozzle box
  • Whip Hose
    15m x 1/8″ Whip Hose
  • Safety SIgn
    Safety Sign
  • 60m x 3/8″ Water Jetter Hose supplied on the main reel
  • 26m x 3/4″ water feed hose fitted to reel
  • Remote Mini Reel fitted with 60m x 1/4″ watter jetter hose
  • Rootax Nozzle Kit 7pc (4 nozzles)
  • 15m x 1/8″ whip hose and trigger
  • Water jetting safety sign

* Remote Mini Reel
* Rootax Nozzle Kit 7pc (4 nozzles)
* Whip Hose Trigger
* 1/8′ Whip Hose Complete – 15M
* Jetting Safety Sign

• 300m range remote control
– Wheels & Tyres
* Bolt down installation or custom fit-outs

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